Integrity and reliability Integrity and reliability
Integrity and reliability

NWWI-validated appraisals

A lot depends on the appraisal report. Financing, renegotiating a mortgage in case of excess value or the end of a relationship. That is why financial institutions require an appraisal by an independent party, validated by the NWWI. The appraisal report provided by Korff de Gidts complies with all the NWWI and NRVT guidelines and is accepted by any mortgage provider or other financial institution.


Appraisals for everyone

Korff de Gidts helped us a lot in the purchase of our new house and the sale of our current house. They are knowledgeable and give good advice. Furthermore, all employees are very friendly and quick in communication and very accessible. They guide the entire process from A to Z and are accurate.

Copernicuslaan 144 Mr. R.C. van Alphen

Expectations have been more than fulfilled. Advice was spot on and the contact remained result-oriented, involved and firm. All in all a good experience. After the expiry of resolutive conditions and pending transport, it is then quiet for a while. Delivery together again!

Willem de Zwijgerlaan 50 A Mr. Zwijnenburg

Wim Korff de Gidts and colleagues helped us with the purchase of the house we had in mind. Everything went smoothly, the explanation was helpful and clear for us starters. Next time we will knock on their door again!

Arabislaan 66 Mr. De Munck

Korff de Gidts is an excellent real estate agency. We have experienced the contact with real estate agent Vivianne Goudsmit as very pleasant: knowledgeable, friendly, fast, short lines, helpful and decisive.

Nieuwediepstraat 54 Mrs. Van Wageningen

Easily accessible, think along with us and keep us well on track. They have good valuable contacts, which can make the process more pleasant.

Valkenboskade 439 Mr. Van Hoeve
This is why clients choose Korff de Gidts

Professional and thorough

  • Professionalism
  • Experience
  • Market knowledge
  • Up to date

Much more than completing a checklist

We often hear people say that the appraisal report is expensive, especially when its main purpose is to obtain financing. However, a mortgage or other financing can have major consequences. That is why an appraisal is more than simply completing a checklist. It requires expertise to correctly assess the value of a property, as well as current knowledge of the market, structural elements and the region.

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Years of experience in residential real estate

To properly assess the value of a residence requires many years of experience in residential real estate. Experience with buying and selling, as well as expertise in conducting an appraisal. Our realtor-appraisers have dozens of years of experience in appraising residences in the Haaglanden region.

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Market knowledge

First hand knowledge of price developments and trends

As realtors, we are constantly active in the market and involved in all the current developments. Every day we are buying and selling residences, so we have intimate knowledge of price developments in the residential real estate market.

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Up to date

NRVT certified and registered appraiser

To provide appraisals in the current market, one has to be an NRVT certified and registered appraiser. The appraiser is required to complete annual courses to maintain their certification. This ensures we remain certified and up to date on current legislation for preparing appraisal reports.

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