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For the last 100 years, Korff de Gidts has defined the standard for service and quality in real estate in and around The Hague. Three generations have dedicated themselves to assisting our loyal clients. Although we rely on many years of expertise, ethics and trust, we never take anything for granted and always invest in new discoveries and innovations; this has always been part of our DNA!

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By ensuring a smooth customer journey, we obtain the best outcomes. We provide outstanding service, honest advice and a creative approach.

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  • A dedicated professional team
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Owner and NVM realtor-appraiser

Wim Korff de Gidts

100 years of Korff de Gidts residential real estate services…

“I am very proud and grateful that our company is celebrating this milestone. It means a lot to me that for almost 34 years I have been part of these 100 years. Of course the best gift we have received on our anniversary are the wonderful client reviews on Funda.”

This is the perfect job for me because.

Every day I meet happy clients. They give me enormous job satisfaction and energy. It may sound strange, but I really love my clients. I also value the pleasant work environment in our office. My father taught me this important lesson: make sure you enjoy your work!

What progress means to me.

Always listen to what your clients really want and give them your full attention. Progress means being open to constant changes in society. It’s wonderful to adapt your services to keep up with these changes. That makes this such a fascinating profession.’

Owner & Marketing

Sandra Korff de Gidts – Ammerlaan

100 years of Korff de Gidts residential real estate services.

“I am very proud of this unique milestone and to have contributed to growing my father-in-law’s one-man business into a modern real estate office with an enthusiastic and dedicated team. As a team, we do everything we can to make our clients satisfied with a successful purchase or sale. And I think we are doing a good job because our clients keep coming back.”

This is the perfect job for me because.

I also grew up in a family business (my parents had a plant nursery) and I have many wonderful memories of this time. Twenty years ago, I decided to put my marketing knowledge and experience to use in my husband Wim’s family business. And I have never regretted this decision. Even though I never had the ambition to become a realtor myself, I believe it’s very important to look at the realtor’s job from the perspective of the client. In addition to marketing, I perform a number of other staff duties, which makes my job very diverse and interesting.

What progress means to me.

Using more new marketing tools to improve our organisation and give ourselves a unique market position. For me personally, it means innovating and making progress in the digital world. This is really interesting and fascinating.’

Registered realtor-appraiser

Vivianne Goudsmit

100 years of Korff de Gidts residential real estate services…

“I am very proud to work for this company. We have a history in The Hague, a city that I love. And I’m very pleased to be contributing to the future of our office.”

This is the perfect job for me because.

Every day is different and we are constantly working with different people. We are part of a very important moment in our client’s life: the purchase or sale of a house. This is often the biggest expense in someone’s life. What I love about my job is that I’m able to assist people in this process. There is also room for ideas and creativity in our company. I also really enjoy working in a small, close-knit team.

What progress means to me.

Adapting and meeting the challenges, constantly developing. Never being satisfied when the market is doing well, but always continuing to work hard. Our goal is a satisfied client, and not simply buying or selling a house.’

KRMT® realtor

Anne-Louise Makkinga

100 years of Korff de Gidts residential real estate services.

“Trust. When your company has been around for 100 years, you can conclude that clients have trusted the services of Korff de Gidts for 100 years. Helping clients buy or sell their house by providing the appropriate support and assistance.”

This is the perfect job for me because.

I can be myself. It’s important to me that our main motivation in our office is to prioritise the interest of our client (this should be a given). Of course the result counts, we want a happy, satisfied client. But the path to this outcome is just as important. We should never forget that buying or selling a house is a huge decision with a huge impact and communication and empathy are key here. When I come home at the end of the day I can look myself in the mirror and know that I give honest and trustworthy advice. And I trust that all my colleagues feel exactly the same way. That is why I love to work in this office.

What progress means to me.

Adapting to what we need to do our job well. Innovate and continue to listen to the needs and opportunities in the market.’

Office Manager

Leonieke de Boer

100 years of Korff de Gidts residential real estate services.

“This tells me that I work at a very solid and also dynamic company.”

This is the perfect job for me because.

I do my job with enthusiasm and deliver quality that contributes to the company’s future.

What progress means to me.

That I keep up with new developments and continuously adapt and improve myself to do a good job.

Commercial office employee

Mireille Tijhuis

100 years of Korff de Gidts residential real estate services.

An incredible achievement! The 100th anniversary is proof of excellent quality of service in real estate and I feel honored to be able to work at Korff de Gidts real estate.

This is the perfect job for me because.

Together with the team I can completely unburden our clients. In this process we work with a fine and close team where we share knowledge and experience and use everyone’s qualities to achieve the best result.

What progress means to me.

Constantly challenging ourselves and being open to change in the market, society and technology without losing sight of our goal.

Updates & inspiration

Innovate with us

Together we take the initiative in a challenging market


Together we take the initiative in a challenging market

Korff de Gidts helped us a lot in the purchase of our new house and the sale of our current house. They are knowledgeable and give good advice. Furthermore, all employees are very friendly and quick in communication and very accessible. They guide the entire process from A to Z and are accurate.

Copernicuslaan 144 Mr. R.C. van Alphen

Expectations have been more than fulfilled. Advice was spot on and the contact remained result-oriented, involved and firm. All in all a good experience. After the expiry of resolutive conditions and pending transport, it is then quiet for a while. Delivery together again!

Willem de Zwijgerlaan 50 A Mr. Zwijnenburg

Wim Korff de Gidts and colleagues helped us with the purchase of the house we had in mind. Everything went smoothly, the explanation was helpful and clear for us starters. Next time we will knock on their door again!

Arabislaan 66 Mr. De Munck

Korff de Gidts is an excellent real estate agency. We have experienced the contact with real estate agent Vivianne Goudsmit as very pleasant: knowledgeable, friendly, fast, short lines, helpful and decisive.

Nieuwediepstraat 54 Mrs. Van Wageningen

Easily accessible, think along with us and keep us well on track. They have good valuable contacts, which can make the process more pleasant.

Valkenboskade 439 Mr. Van Hoeve
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